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There are so many botanicals that are used in these teas some familiar and others not so familiar that we have decided to go a little bit deeper to find out why they are included in these wonderful teas. So every month, in our new newsletter, we will be featuring a botanical for your knowledge so that you might appreciate better the infusion you already enjoy.

Here's a list of all the quality botanicals blended into our teas, and we intend write about them all:

Abrus fruticulosus herb
American ginseng root
Anemarrhena rhizome
Asian ginseng root
Asian plaintain leaf
Astragalus root
Bitter melon herb
Blackberry leaf
Brown rice whole grain
Burdock root
Catnip leaf
Chamomile flower: Featured in our April 2012 Newsletter. Click here to subscribe.
Chinese holly leaf
Chinese motherwort herb
Chinese peony root
Chrysanthemum flower
Cinnamon bark
Cynomorium stem
Dandelion leaf
Dong quai root
Duckweed root
Eleuthero root
Epimedium (horny goat weed) leaf
Eucommia leaf
Fleeceflower root
Fo-ti root
Ginger root
Gingko leaf
Green tea leaf
Green Tea leaf (decaffeinated)
Guava leaf
Gynostemma leaf, stem
Honeysuckle flower: Featured in our February 2012 Newsletter. Click here to subscribe.
Imperata root
Isatis leaf
Jasmine flower
Kudzu root
Licorice root
Ligusticum root
Lindera root
Lophatherum leaf
Loquat leaf
Loranthus mulberry leaf
Lysimachia root
Morinda root
Oolong Tea leaf
Ophiopogon root
Papaya leaf
Passion flower flower
Peppermint leaf
Persimmon leaf
Poria fruiting body
Psoralea fruit
Red clover flowering top
Rehmannia root
Reishi fruiting body
Rhubarb root
Schisandra fruit
Senna leaf
Sickle-pod senna seed
Siler (fang feng) root
Skullcap leaf
Solomon's seal rhizome
Tokyo violet root, herb
Trichosanthes root
Tuocha tea leaf
Uncaria stem
Valerian root
White mulberry leaf
Whorled mallow leaf